Location of  PEO Services

PEO Services operates out of Pangnirtung, Nunavut.  Pangnirtung is accessible only by Air Travel.  There are no roads to or from Pangnirtung, making PEO Services an important link for visitors.

As part of their booking package, PEO Services offer airline discount return fares from Ottawa to Pangnirtung. Flight from Ottawa to Iqaluit is approximately three hours.  Iqaluit to Pangnirtung is approximately one hour by air.

Access is gained to Auyuittuq National Park through Pangnirtung, where many visitors from all over the world visit to hike, or go sightseeing.  For the more adventurous visitors, Auyuittuq National Park offers world class mountain climbing. 

For more information about Auyuittuq National Park, please visit the website.

Studies or Surveys

Environmental Groups or Wildlife Monitor Groups who are looking to undertake studies or surveys in the Pangnirtung or Cumberland Sound areas are welcome to make inquiries for availability of vessels, crew or dates.


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