PEO Services will provide marine transportation for you or your group to any of the following destinations :

  • Auyuittuq National Park - For multi day trip's to the park, please refer to the Guide handbook or consult with the Park's Office in Pangnirtung for list of services and equipment to bring including emergency supplies. All of the services PEO Services provides will start and begin from Pangnirtung through out the visitor season as it is our home base. We will provide transportation to and from the airport but it needs to be requested prior to arrival. Once in Pangnirtung, all visitors will be transported by boat to their destinations.

    Auyuittuq National Park is approx 28.5 Kilometres N/E of Pangnirtung for drop off or pick up and the ride is approx 45 Minutes one way by boat. Day Trips to the park is available where visitors have the choice of sightseeing just from the boats with no hiking necessary, or short hikes can be made available if the visitors chose to do so. However, due to Low and High tide currents, accessibility times will vary and should be looked into prior to the trips. During the Month of July, very little darkness occurs in the Pangnirtung and Park Area.

  • Qekerten Territorial Park  - The old Whaling Station Territorial Park at Qekerten Islands is approx 50 Kilometres South of Pangnirtung. This trip takes approximately 6-8 hours depending on the weather and activities visitors wish to do. Once there, artefacts, displays and structures are accessible mostly with the use of boardwalks. However, Other points of interest require good hiking boots and visitors are reminded to keep safety a must at all times.  Snacks are made available by PEO Services during the day trips. However, visitors are more than welcome to bring their favourite snacks for the trips also.

  • Cumberland Sound Day Trips - Day trips are between 6-8 hrs depending on the weather and activities visitors wish to partake in during the outing. PEO Services will transport you to Cumberland Sound for photography, wildlife sightseeing which may include seals, Bowhead whales, Birds and icebergs depending on the year. Some years are better than others for icebergs as they come from further up North into Cumberland Sound. During the daytrips, we will also provide snacks, juice, coffee or tea. Or visitors may bring their own snacks for a short picnic ashore on return to Pangnirtung.

  • Fishing - PEO Services only offers day Char fishing trips at this time as we do not have fishing camps or packages available. As we do not operate fishing camps or packages for our visitors, we will be happy to take you to our favourite fishing spots either in the Pangnirtung Area or out in Cumberland Sound to do some fishing. PEO Services just provides transportation and advice on locations and will have with you our guide and boat at the sight for the duration of your fishing time. We do not carry a wide selection of fishing rods and lures and therefore suggest you bring your favourite rods and lures for your day fishing trip. PEO Services will provide snacks, soft drinks, coffee and tea. However, visitors are encouraged to bring their favourite snacks with them.

Points of interest for Pangnirtung and surrounding areas. 
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